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   AGE 2  - Toddler Program
 In the toddler program, we provide a safe and happy environment within which toddlers increase their independence. Our highly qualified teachers will create opportunities for your child to develop critical language building skills which will help them communicate effectively with classmates, teachers and loved ones. The structured play of the Creative Curriculum© in conjunction with a variety of free choice activities will allow students to develop self-control while encouraging a positive expression of budding self identity.
AGE 3 -  Preschool Program
The three-year program continues to build on the fundamentals taught in the two-year program. What sets threes apart from toddlers more than anything is their newfound ability to express themselves in words and ideas. We continue to focus on providing a loving and nurturing environment for the children, and ensure they feel secure while they have fun learning their new skills. The school day continues to become more structured, while still giving each child the time to explore and learn individually as well. The small class sizes show the Field of Dreams commitment to providing individual interaction with each child, and to focus on having fun while they continue to develop their skills.
Age 4- Pre-Kindergarten Program
Our preschool program is made up of a structured curriculum with units and weekly themes geared for children preparing for Kindergarten. The Creative Curriculum covers language, math/science, social/emotional, music/movement, art, and physical skills. Each area has its own elements that contribute to the child’s growth and cognitive development. Throughout the year, children enrich their vocabulary, recognize letters and their sounds, and learn to write their names. They count and recognize numbers 1-20, and they learn to write numbers 1-10. These lessons are carefully planned and prepared for by dedicated, qualified teachers. Our goal is to provide your child the best positive learning experience using different learning centers and small group activities.